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Lighter evenings, blossom on the trees and warmer days are well on their way. Today is the spring equinox, signalling the end of winter and the beginning of this (hopefully) sunny season. Welcome the new season with these five blooming marvellous activity ideas.


1 Daffodil hunt

Take advantage of the lighter evenings by taking your Scouts on a daffodil hunt. Print or draw a map of your local area, and then ask your Scouts to mark where they spot clumps of daffodils growing. You could keep a record of whether they are blooming or not, and take the same walk a week later to check on their progress.

 Origami Blog

2 Paper daffodils

If you didn’t find any daffodils on your hunt, why not make your own instead? Try paper quilling (rolling up thin strips of paper) for a detailed flower, or go for origami if you want a 3D effect. You could even use these to decorate Mother’s Day cards!

 Creme Egg

3 Cadbury Creme Egg brownies

Cadbury Creme Eggs are back in the shops (YAY!). Celebrate their chocolatey gooeyness by baking them into a simple brownie mixture. Eggcelent tip: Make sure you bake the brownies for about 20 minutes before adding the Creme Eggs, otherwise they’ll melt completely!


4 Spring clean your home and meeting place

Get your Scouts to bring in two items of clothing or toys that they don’t need anymore and have a bring-and-buy sale to raise money for your Group. Or why not try some simple experiments to clean your meeting place using unusual items - did you know Cola can clean a toilet?

Egghunt Blog

5 Have an Easter egg hunt

Split your Group into teams, each with an assigned colour. Hide different coloured eggs and send your Scouts out to find all the eggs in their colour. They can only bring back one at a time and must stay as a group at all times. The first team to find all their eggs are the winners. You could play this in the dark with torches to make it more of a challenge for the older sections.


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