5-minute fillers for Scouts | 15 March

Scouts 5Min Fillers

Encourage teamwork and improve communication skills in your Troop with this quick activity.

Tell the Scouts that they are not allowed to speak at all during this game: the aim is to find other ways for them to communicate. They can gesture, use their face and mouth words, but not speak out loud.

Give the Scouts two minutes to get themselves into a line, stretching from one end of the hall to the other. They must be standing in height order, with the tallest Scout at one end and the shortest at the other. They will need to work together to judge each other's heights and get the order just right. Once they have lined up, one leader should walk along the line, judging how well they have done and moving anyone who is in the wrong place.

Try the game again, with a new task: this time, the Scouts must line up in birthday order (the day and month that they were born, not the year). They will need to work out a way to communicate dates without words. Once they are all lined up, go down the line asking each young person to say the day and month of thier birth to see how well they did.

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