5-minute fillers for Cubs | 8 March

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Get your Pack thinking with this quick Promise-themed activity.


The Cubs should sit in their Sixes. Explain that you want them to think about a good turn they have done today - perhaps reminding them what a good turn is, and that it forms part of the Promise and Cub Scout Law.

Give them a short amount of time to talk to the person next to them about one good turn they did today. Get the whole Pack listening again, and encourage the young people to share some of the good turns they heard about. If anyone could not think of a good turn, ask the Pack to help remind them of something kind and helpful they have previously done at Cubs.

Once you've had some feedback from the Pack, get everyone to tie a knot in their necker to remind them of that good turn. Every time they see that knot, they should remember the good turn they did and try to do another one.

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