5-minute filler for Explorers | 22 March

Explorers 5Min Fillers

Help your Explorer Scouts to learn teamwork and communication skills with this simple but effective activity.

Find a space, either indoors or outdoors, and have the Explorers cover the floor with objects to create a 'minefield'. There should be enough space to walk between the objects, but these pathways should be complex to navigate.

Split the Explorer Scouts into pairs or small teams, depending on the size of the Unit. Use a scarf or similar to blindfold one person from each pair or team, and tell the other(s) that they are responsible for guiding their friend safely through the minefield. They can only do this with voice commands, and must not touch the person who is blindfolded.

If the blindfolded Explorer steps on one of the items on the floor, they are out and must themselves become an obsacle in the minefield. The winning team or pair is the first to reach the end. Once everyone has had a go, rearrange the objects on the floor so the minefield is different and swap over.

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