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30 activity ideas for embracing April showers and getting out in the great outdoors this month.

1. Play a funny prank on someone for April Fool’s day - but only before midday.

2. Watch 'My Autism and Me’ to understand more about the condition during World Autism Awareness Week.

3. Run a Log Chew, Pack forum, Troop council or Unit meeting to plan next term's Programme and make sure it is Youth Shaped.

4. Learn about Qingming - a celebration of family that originates in China and involves visiting ancestors' graves to clean and tidy them.


5. Put your wellies on and stomp about in an April shower.

6. Get up early to hear the dawn chorus and listen out for blackbirds, robins and woodpigeons.

7. Plant some herbs, like basil, chives and parsley, ready to make a spaghetti bolognese taste amazing in autumn.

8. Plan something different for St George’s Day, just like East Somerset District did in the latest issue of Scouting Magazine.

9. The word 'April' comes from the Latin word meaning 'to open', so hunt for spring flowers and opening buds and count how many different species' you find.

Cherry Blossom 

10. Find out more about Judaism during Passover.

11. Fill out the Scouting census and take stock of how your numbers are looking. Here are some helpful ideas for growing your section or Group.

12. Tonight is a full moon, so go outside and practice your howl.

13. Paint a boiled egg with a design of your choice.

14. Read about the story of Jesus' resurrection on Good Friday.

15. Make an Easter basket in preparation of the eggs you'll go hunting for tomorrow.

16. Hide some Easter eggs and go hunting with friends!

Easter Bunny 

17. Celebrate the public holiday by holding an egg-rolling competition at the top of a big hill.

18. Learn to fingerspell the alphabet in British Sign Language to make your Group more inclusive.

19. Take a trip out on the water and try canoeing, sailing or raft-building.

20. The birth flower of April is a daisy, so sit down on the grass and make a daisy chain

Daisy Chain 

21. Find a dark patch of sky and watch the peak of the Lyrids meteor shower. If you see a shooting star you can wish on it!

22. Go to a windy beach or the top of a hill and fly a kite.

23. Celebrate the achievement of Queen's Scout Award holders and others at Windsor.

24. Put on a hat and some factor 50 and sunbathe in the park.

25. Pump up your tyres, strap on your helmet and go for a long bike ride.

Bike Ride 

26. Make an impact in your local community by tidying up your local waterway.

27. Make some healthy fruit smoothie ice lollies in preparation for summer. 

28. Take advantage of the dark skies during the new moon tonight to go stargazing.

29. Test your kit before summer camp by seeing who can put a tent up fastest.

30. Light a campfire and tell ghost stories on Walpurgis Night, a night known in many European countries as 'Witches Night'.

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