#BoredomBusters | 8 February

Popart Leafpaintingblog

Here are four fabulous activities to make February more fun. 


Food- Homemade salted caramels

Mix up a batch of these soft caramels for a sweet treat.

 Salted Caramelblog


Craft- Balloon powered sponge boat

Get crafty and make a couple of sponge boats to race with friends.

 Balloon Boatblog


Indoor- Pop art leaf printing

 Bring the outdoors inside and create some stunning leaf prints.

 Popart Leafpaintingblog


Outdoor- Soap foam printing

Get messy outdoors and create some vibrant, textured prints.

 Sponge Printingblog


Looking for more activity inspiration? Try last week’s #BoredomBusters.

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