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Learning to work well in a team is a skill that can be learned young, and will see a person through many challenges throughout their life. It’s a vital life skill that Scouting can help young people develop, and, best of all, it’s fun: working with friends to get something done is a great feeling. 

If you have young people in your section who you know find it particularly difficult to work with others, this award provides a great opportunity to help them develop these skills. There are lots of ways to adapt the award if needed: for tips and ideas, see our guidance for leaders on the webpage for your section's Teamwork Challenge Award.

There will be plenty of opportunities within your Programme for your section to work together and develop their teamwork skills, and, in turn, work towards this Challenge Award.

Beavers Teamwork


Beavers Teamwork Challenge Award

Your Beavers can work towards this award during activities for other badges, or simply when you play team games with your section.

This award asks Beavers to participate in team events and games, and to have a chance to lead a team. An event like a sports day, with the young people working in small teams and participating in events like relay races, could be a fun way to focus on teamwork to the Colony. You could link this to the Disability Awareness Badge by trying some Paralympic sports. 

This Award also involves Beavers having the chance to attend Log Chews: these are forums for the young people to tell you what they enjoy about Beavers and what they would like to do more of. You can use this to help plan your Programme. There are some great tips and activities you can use as part of your Log Chew in the Beavers Youth Shaped Scouting resource.


Cubs Teamwork Challenge Award

Camp can be a great opportunity to work towards both the Teamwork Challenge Award and the Our Outdoors Challenge Awards. Cubs can work together in teams or Sixes to pitch tents, cook a meal, make shelters or build gadgets – each time taking a turn to lead their team.

There are plenty of opportunities for Cubs to work together in helping to plan their Programme for camp too. New for 2017 are the #YouShape pledges, which you can use with your section to get leaders and Cubs committed to working together in planning their Programme.  

Teambuilding activities as part of this award don’t have to be confined to the hut – they can be things you’d find at Scout Adventures, like crate stacking or a low ropes course that every member of the team must get around, with their friends helping. In doing this, the Cubs will no doubt be covering some of the requirements for their Our Adventure Challenge Award too.


Scouts Teamwork Challenge Award

For Scouts to achieve this award, they will build on the teamwork skills they have already started to develop, by working together over three months or more to achieve a certain goal. A challenge as part of A Million Hands can be something the Scouts focus on and work towards: this will involve them researching and problem-solving to come up with ways to take action that have measurable results. There are loads of activities and support within the resource packs to support this.

The Taking the Lead activity resource contains some useful team activity ideas that tie in with both the Teamwork Challenge Award, and the Team Leader Challenge Award.

Achieving this Challenge Award is one step towards your Scouts achieving their Chief Scout’s Gold Award – the highest award for the Scouts section.


Explorers Teamwork 


Explorers will undoubtedly be developing their teamwork skills by working together and planning their own Programme. There are plenty of opportunities within their badges and Top Awards to further develop these skills: for example, planning an event or project that they can be proud of.

This could be planning an expedition for their Explorer Belt, organising an event for the next JOTI JOTA in October as part of their International Activity Badge, or using the A Million Hands resources to take action on an issue and achieve the Community Impact Staged Activity Badge.

The skills young people develop in Scouting will support them in their future. Find out more about how Scouting can support employability.


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