#BoredomBusters | 17 January

Cypher Wheel

Looking for inspiration? Here are four new activities to try this week.

Food – caramelised bananas 

If you’re on a January health kick, try out a recipe for a sweet desert that doesn’t involve stodgy cake.


Craft – Chinese lanterns

Next week marks the Lunar New Year, as celebrated in many Asian cultures. Get ready by making lucky red lantern decorations.

Chinese Lanterns 

Indoor codebreaker 

Practice spy skills by writing coded messages with the help of a cypher: a wheel with two sets of numbers, letters or symbols written on it.

Cypher Wheel 

Outdoor – stick men

Go out into the woods or the park and look for sticks. Turn them into stick men or even stick sculptures, and make sure you take photographs!

Stick Man 

Looking for more activity inspiration? Try last week’s #BoredomBusters.

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