5-minute fillers | 2 February

Five Minute Filler February2

Challenge the chatter

This game is great for encouraging listening skills and developing confidence.

Ask your young people to sit in a circle.

Choose a topic of conversation such as holidays or sports.

Ask for a volunteer to stand in the middle of the circle and speak about the topic for 30 seconds.

The rules are that if the speaker hesitates, repeats themselves or deviates from the topic, the other young people can put their hand up to take the topic from them.

If a young person puts their hand up, ask them whether it is for repetition, hesitation or deviation, and if you agree, they can take over as speaker.

The young person who completes a full 30 seconds of speaking, wins.


Make it more difficult:

Hesitation – As well as pauses, tell the young people to look out for any ums or errs, which will also be considered hesitation.

Repetition – As well as repeating the same ideas, tell the young people to look out for when the speaker uses the same words.

Time – Ask the speaker to talk for a minute instead of 30 seconds.


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