#BoredomBusters | 6 December

Tree Decor

Christmas parties are just around the corner, so make sure you’re ready with these four great activity ideas.

Indoor reindeer antler game

Turn a pair of tights and some balloons into some amazing reindeer antlers with this hilarious game! Set a timer for 10 minutes and see which team has the best creation when their time is up.


Craft – scrappy Christmas trees 

If you need to take a few minutes out of the festivities to calm things down, try making these super simple Christmas trees, made from a twig and some scrap fabric. Tie some twine around the top and they can be Christmas tree decorations too.

Tree Decor 

Outdoor – play Snowman Slam 

You’ll need to decorate some objects, like cups, to look like snowmen in advance. Then, using a ‘snowball’, get everyone to bowl the ball and knock over the snowmen. Keep score and see who was most accurate.

Snowman Slam 

Food – fruit kebabs 

Offer some healthy options at your party, like these fun grape, banana and strawberry combinations. Add a mini marshmallow to keep the Grinch at bay!


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