#BoredomBusters – 20 December


Welcome the new year in style with these four great activities for young people!

Indoor – make a time capsule 

Send off the old year by packing up some of the things that will remind your family of 2016 – it could be photographs, small toys or stories that everyone writes down. Writing letters to your future self can be fun too. Decide on a date for opening the time capsule again, and make sure you put it in a safe place!


Craft – scratch-off fireworks

Cover a page of thin card in bright wax crayon, in whatever patterns you like. Make sure not to leave any white parts. Then, coat the page with a layer of black ink, so all the colours disappear completely. You’ll need time to allow the ink to dry. Using a blunt pencil or a wooden skewer, start scratching the ink off to reveal the colours below and create a wonderful firework-filled night-sky.


Outdoor – make a wish

Find a tree branch, some railings or a fence. Write your wishes for 2017 onto luggage tags and tie them on with string. When visitors come, you could encourage them to add their wishes too. An indoor wishing branch or jar is also a great project: save all your wishes over the year and read them on new year’s eve 2017, to see if they came true.


Food - countdown cupcakes

Get baking! Give a normal chocolate cupcake a special New Year's Eve twist, by carefully separating the two halves of a sandwich biscuit. Draw the hands of the clock in icing and you've got yourself the perfect sweet treat.


You’ll find even more boredom-busting activities here.

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