#BoredomBusters - 13 December


With the Christmas holidays starting soon, keep everyone entertained at home with these four fun activities.

Indoor – snowball fight

You’ll need to make sure you have plenty of space, and nothing breakable in the vicinity before you start. Split your young people into two groups, and place a divide in the centre of the room, so each team has their own half. To keep things safe, everyone should keep to their own side of the room while the game goes on. You could also introduce a rule that says no one is allowed to stand up when playing - they must be sitting or kneeling. Scrunch up old pieces of paper into snowballs, and give half to each team. Blow the whistle and let the snowball fight commence!


Craft – make cut paper snowflakes

Turn a boring old piece of paper into an intricate snowflake with just a pair of scissors! Try tracing over a template to help you put your cuts in the right places, and be sure to supervise young children when using scissors.


Outdoor – Christmas light bingo

Make up some bingo sheets with Christmassy items on them, like a glowing Santa or some golden tinsel. Take a walk around the town centre, shopping mall, or even just your local community, seeing who can spot the most Christmas lights and get a full house on their bingo sheet.


Food – mince pies

Try your hand at a Christmas classis, by making your own mince pies. If pastry is a bit tricky, you can cheat and buy it ready-made. There’s nothing better than a warm mince pie on a cold and wintery afternoon!

 Mince Pies

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