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Planning your Programme for the new year? We thought we'd gather together all the best five-minute fillers from last year in one place so that you have a treasure trove of fun activities to try.

1. 7 September

This game was the most popular five-minute filler this year. It's a great way to get your Scouts to loosen up and feel more comfortable around each other after the summer break. It’s ideal if you have some new starters!

2. 18 February

Use this second place five-minute filler, to help your Scouts learn teamworking and communication skills.

3. 19 October

In third place, this funny team game will start the night with plenty of energy.

4. 21 June

This game is all about team work. It's high-energy and lots of fun!

5. 30 August

A great game when you have a large number of young people, and it doesn’t take long to play. You can play it outside if the weather is nice.

6. 9 May

Try out an oldie-but-goodie and give it a twist with our take on the classic memory game ‘I went to market…’

7. 24 August

If you find yourself with some extra time during a meeting, fill it with this attention-grabbing game. It requires all players to be alert and quick on their feet.

8. 7 July

This game is all about quick-thinking. It's creative and gets your Scouts using their imaginations!

9. 26 January

Your Scouts will need to put their heads (and some cups) together for The cup game!

10. 1 December

Develop your Group’s confidence with this giggle-inducing game.


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