#BoredomBusters | 1 December


Christmas will soon be upon us, so keep things fun and festive with these four great activities for young people.

Indoor – learn a Christmas song

Try looking up some songs with lyrics on YouTube and find an unusual one to learn. Or, if you're feeling musical, pick up an instrument and try to learn it. It could be a traditional carol, a classic Christmas number one hit, or a song in another language.


Craftenvelope advent calendar

Decorate small envelopes, fill them with nice surprises, and then peg or glue them onto ribbons or strings to create a simple advent calendar.


Outdoorbauble hunt

Hide some baubles, candy canes or other decorations outside. Make sure everyone is wrapped up warm, and then set off on a hunt for the items. You could work in teams or as individuals, with prizes for the winners!



It wouldn’t taste like Christmas without gingerbread! Try using different shaped cutters to make all sorts of wintery shapes. 


Looking for more winter activity inspiration? Check out last week’s #BoredomBusters.

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