5-minute fillers | 9 November

5 Minute Filler 9 Nov 2

Put your young people’s creative skills to the test by playing a speedy game of Pictionary.

To play Pictionary, players take it in turns to draw objects while their team tries to guess what they are drawing. A team wins a game by guessing the most objects.

Begin by writing the name of objects onto pieces of paper. Choose a theme to help you decide what these objects could be. Then fold each piece of paper and place it inside a container.

Divide the Group into two teams and ask them to sit on separate tables. Give each team a stack of blank paper and some markers. Place the container onto a table in front of them.

Both teams send a player to take a piece of paper from the container. Back at their table, they then begin to draw the object. When their team correctly guesses what it is, another player is sent to pick and draw a second object and so on. Set a time limit. The team with the most guessed objects before the time runs out wins.   

Make it harder

Why not include verbs and idioms into the mix? Drawing these words will add some difficultly to the game.

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