5-minute fillers | 23 November

5-minute Fillers _ 23 November

Test your young people’s photography skills with this techy twist on the treasure hunt game.

Split the group into small teams of two to four people. Give each team a list of objects they have to find in and around the meeting place. Once found, they need to use their mobile phones to photograph the objects.

Set them a certain amount of time to do this in; a quick game will last 5-10 minutes. The team with the most photographs before the time runs out is the winner.

Make it harder:

Turn the level of difficulty up a notch by adding tasks to the list. Your young people will need to carry these out and take a photo of the result. For example: ask them to create a human pyramid, build a one metre tower out of newspaper or freeze frame an everyday scenario. 

For more technology themed activities, take a look at this week’s badge support blog.

Need a game that will boost the energy levels in the room? This rapid 5-minute filler will get your Scouts active and on their feet. 

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