5-minute fillers | 16 November

5-minute Filler 16 Nov

Give your Group a warm up using this quick energising ball game.

Divide the hall into half and arrange six chairs in a horizontal line on one side of the room. Do the same on the opposite side leaving enough space in the middle for your young people to run around in.

Split the Group into two teams. The teams should appoint a captain who then stands on a chair on either side of the hall. The others, in the meantime, wait in the middle.

Begin the game by throwing a soft ball to one of the captains. They now have to throw the ball to one of their teammates in the middle. The opposing team has to try to intercept the ball before it is caught. If a player catches the ball, they get to stand on one of the chairs next to their captain. They then throw the ball back into the middle to one of their teammates.

A team is crowned the winner when all of their chairs are filled.

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