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Steve Backshall

There are less than three months left of Cubs100!

As you probably already know, the official birthday of Cubs is widely seen as 16 December. This was the day in 1916 when the section was launched. To mark the date and celebrate the Cubs centenary, Cubs across the UK will attend a local birthday party and remake their Promise at 19.16 (that’s 7.16pm) on 16 December 2016.

Cubs are encouraged to have an input into the type of party they would like. It could take the form of a disco, an activity evening or even a challenge night. As long as it’s memorable and everyone remakes their Promise, your Cubs can go wild.

Here are a few team game ideas to get you started:

Drawing charades

Make a stack of cards, each with a typical Cub-related activity/item/person on it. Cubs take it in turns to take a card. Without speaking, they have to get the rest of the team to guess what is on the card by drawing it on scrap paper. 

Chocolate clowns

Put a large bar of chocolate, and a knife and fork on a table. Provide the basics of a clown costume, such as big shoes, baggy onesie, wig and red nose. In turn, Cubs throw a die. Each time a six is scored, they have to dress up as a clown and eat the bar of chocolate with the knife and fork. The rest of the Cubs continue to throw the die. If someone else throws a six, the Cub stops getting dressed up or eating, and hands over to the person who last threw the six. The game continues until all chocolate has been consumed.

Stuff the sweatshirt

Provide balloons and a large adult sweatshirt. The team picks one Cub to put in the giant sweatshirt. The other Cubs have three minutes to blow up and stuff as many balloons up the sweatshirt as they can. To add to the chaos, instead of using a stopwatch to time them, play a loud, lively piece of music that lasts about three minutes. Count the balloons by carefully popping them.

Feely bags

Give each team two large opaque bags with an identical selection of items in them. Use several familiar items related to Cubs, for example, a woggle, a tennis ball, an activity badge and a piece of rope. Two members of the team play against each other. The leader calls out one of the items and, without looking, both Cubs plunge their hands into their bag to find it. The first Cub to find the item by feeling around for it, holds it up and wins a small prize.

Handy tip: These are good games for Cubs who are working towards their Teamwork and Team Leader challenge awards.

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