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Celebrating Two Years In The Youth Commissioner Role

To celebrate two years as UK Youth Commissioner, Hannah announces an action-planning tool for Youth Commissioners.

I’ve enjoyed an amazing two years as UK Youth Commissioner supported by my incredible deputies. The journey has been inspiring, crazy, hectic and life changing, but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

I’ve had my share of challenges – which is to be expected for a self-confessed perfectionist. I’ve developed my skills, made a few mistakes but learned from them along the way.  Most importantly, I’ve been able to listen to some great ideas and support local Scouting to bring them to life.

Some of the highlights 

My team has made great progress working with the Movement to define Youth Shaped Scouting. When I reflect back on the last two years, my favourite moments that come to mind include YouShape Week that took place in February this year – where we had nearly 20,000 people participating in activities and earning their YouShape badge. There was a fantastic turnout for the national event in Doncaster where 200 young people aged 14-25-years-old attended from all over the UK. They discussed the future of youth involvement and how they could make it happen. Those discussions have influenced the Youth Shaped Scouting strategy of which I’m happy to announce has been approved by the UK Board.

Since launching the role last year, I’ve seen hundreds of District and County Youth Commissioners and their teams appointed across the UK, and that’s what I’m most proud of; the growth of the Youth Commissioner role. Young people and adults have been embracing it in large numbers and it’s already having a great impact on how young people and leaders engage with Youth Shaped Scouting. We are seeing an increasing number of Scouts developing their leadership skills and confidence.

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Looking to the future

To mark these two fantastic years we’re releasing a new action-planning tool for Youth Commissioners. The tool will help them understand what projects and activities can be undertaken locally to ensure Scouting is truly shaped by young people in partnership with adults. 

I know it has been difficult for Youth Commissioners settling into this role. Obstacles like finding things to do and understanding how to genuinely make a difference to Scouting have been hard to overcome. I can relate because I’ve been through the exact same process. It’s been tough at times. Sometimes I wanted to give up, but I’m glad I’ve had the support of volunteers and staff around me to stick to it.

My hope is that this tool will help Local Youth Commissioners on their journey too. It will be released in early November; we’ll let you know when it’s live in ScoutingPlus. There will also soon be news about the new Youth Commissioner Induction being designed, as well as support weekends being run around the UK over the next year.

Thank you to each and every Scout and volunteer who has helped make Youth Scouting a reality and supporting me on my journey.

I’m keen to hear your thoughts and opinions. Let me know what else can be done to help. You can catch me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and at events. 

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