Firework safety


Here are our top tips for staying safe around bonfire night.

It will soon be bonfire night, the loudest, sparkliest night of the year! If you’re taking your young people to an organised display, or having a bonfire and some sparklers at your meeting place this year, take a look at the following tips to keep everyone nice and safe.


  • Only adults should ever deal with fireworks
  • Ensure fireworks are not pointing towards anyone
  • Never pick up a firework or relight one that has not gone off
  • Ensure everyone stands at a safe distance


  • Wear gloves and hold sparklers at arm’s length
  • Don’t wave sparklers at anyone or run while holding them
  • Be careful if you’re wearing a long scarf or big coat - the sparks could set it alight
  • Put sparklers in a bucket of water when you’re finished as they can stay very hot


  • If someone gets burnt, cool the area with running water for at least 10mins, then cover with clean, non-fluffy materia,l like clingfilm
  • If clothing catches fire, remember: stop, drop, roll
  • Never use an accelerant, like paraffin or petrol, on a fire
  • Make sure that the fire is completely out before you leave the site

There are even more tips about risk management for bonfire night events here, from Unity Scout Insurance. Want more ideas about getting outside on dark evenings? Try these eight autumn-proof outdoor activities.

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