#BoredomBusters | 14 October

Boredom Busters 13 October

This week’s boredom-busting activities will inspire your inner geek to get techy!

Craft: DIY Speakers

Want to blast out some music during your meeting but lacking the speakers to do so? Get your Scouts to build some out of plastic cups and an empty toilet roll.

DIY Speakers

Outdoor: Radio Wide Game

Try out this treasure hunt with a digital twist! Once your Scouts have solved the first clue, they will need to use a radio or mobile phone to receive the next one.

Radio Wide Game

Food: Emoji Macaroons

Create real-life emojis in the form of delicious macaroons. Follow this recipe with your young people and get them to draw on the iconic emoji faces with icing. Gobble down a tasty laughing face for a bite of instant happiness.

Emoji Macaroons

Indoor: Film a vlog

Let your young people finesse their vlogging skills by following these top tips. They'll be mini adventure vloggers in no time.

Film A Vlog

Looking for more technology-based activities to do? Find out how you can take part in this year’s Jamboree On The Air and Jamboree On The Internet

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