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Scouting helps to equip young people with valuable skills to succeed in life. Badges like the Communicator Activity Badge and Media Relations and Marketing Activity Badge work to develop young people’s communication skills in a variety of ways. This can include learning to use British Sign Language as a form of communication- a great skill and good way to strengthen inclusion and accessibility in your section. Other forms of communication include sending coded messages, translation and using radio communication. As your young people move up sections, the badges get more challenging and diverse, so they can continue to develop their communication skills.

Your young people could multitask by working towards these badges while completing an A Million Hands (AMH) project or while doing something positive during Scout Community Week. For example, for their Media Relations and Marketing Activity Badge your Explorers could produce e-newsletters about their mental health and wellbeing project to inform and update the rest of their Unit or District. Your Scouts could write a press release about an event that they’ve been involved in, or contact a local media outlet about their project.

Find your section below and take a look at some great badge activity ideas to get you started.

Beavers- Communicator Activity Badge

Ask your Beavers to spell their name, favourite sport or song in Morse code, flag semaphore, the phonetic alphabet, or using pictures and symbols. India Tango Sierra - Foxtrot Uniform November! Why not transform it into a longer activity by creating a treasure hunt with each clue written or drawn in Morse code, pictures or symbols.

Cubs- Communicator Activity Badge

Ask your cubs to get into pairs and sit back-to-back. Give one Cub in each pair a simple picture – a line drawing will work best. Ask them to give instructions to the other Cub about how to draw it, without telling them what the picture is of.

By doing this activity your Cubs will have ticked off the first requirement to earn their Communicator Activity Badge.

There are also resources listed below, to support learning about ways that people with a hearing impairment may communicate, and to learn some basic British Sign Language.

Something worth noting is, if your Cubs took part in JOTI JOTA, this is one of the activities they can do to earn their badge, and they may have covered some of the other requirements too!

 Scouts Communicator

Scouts- Communicator Activity Badge

If your Scouts want to do the foreign languages option for this badge, make the most of YouTube’s how to videos and ask your Scouts to learn some simple phrases in a foreign language. Try this Italian video. Otherwise you could head over to BBC’s languages site for more tips.

Once they’ve got the hang of it, give them ten minutes to chat to one another in the chosen language. If you’ve got any bilingual Scouts, make this their time to shine by encouraging them to teach the rest of the Group. If there’s nobody in your Group, ask people in the rest of the District or wider community if they are able to help.

Your Scouts will also need to write a letter in a foreign language. If you have links with any Groups in other countries, this provides a great opportunity. Alternatively, why not ask them all to write a secret letter to someone else in the Group. Once they’re finished writing, collect the letters and read them out. Ask your Scouts to translate as you go. The Group then has to guess who each letter was written to. 

 Explorer Communicator

Explorers- Media Relations and Marketing Activity Badge

Give your Explorers the chance to gather important feedback on Scouting today by asking them to conduct a survey to find out young people’s views on Scouting.  Questions could include ‘what would you like to see more of on the Scouts social media channels?’ ‘What are your favourite Scouting events and why?’ or for non-Scouts ‘What do you know about Scouting?’. This is a great opportunity for them to help shape Scouting , whilst developing their communication skills.  Make sure your Scouts share their results with the leadership team, discuss them with others in the Unit, and even send them over to us at

Combine this Badge’s activities with an A Million Hands (AMH) project by asking your Explorers to produce at least four editions of a paper or e-newsletter (that discusses the action they’re taking for their AMH Project) to distribute to the community. Remember to log in and record the action you’re taking at 


Here’s a useful list of resources to support you and your young people to achieve their badges:

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