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The Unemployed Volunteer

We know how important your ambitions are to you, so we’ve put together a guide to show you how to use Scouting to get ahead in your career.

Get the basics right by writing a winning CV. 

 1. How Scouts can help you find a job

 Take a look at the different transferable skills Scouting gives you.

 2.  Basic CV writing tips to kick-start your job hunt

 Writing a CV can be daunting. The tips in this article are broken down into three stages to make the writing process easier.

Six Ways Your A Million Hands Project Can Enhance Your CV

3. Six ways your A Million Hands project can enhance your CV

Taking part in A Million Hands demonstrates your ability to work within a team as well as your ability to use your initiative, problem solve and communicate.   

4. How to find and book work experience

Having a decent amount of work experience under your belt will help you to understand your chosen career better. This shows prospective employers that you are motivated to do the role you are applying for. 

5. 10 ways Scouting makes you employable

Get inspiration from people who’ve landed a job because of Scouting.

6. The unemployed volunteer

Assistant Cub Scout Leader Dan found volunteering with Scouts made him more employable while looking for new work.

7. Being a Scout volunteer got me a job

Like these Scout volunteers, the experience you gain from volunteering can help you to find a job. 

Learn how your Scouting skills can lead you to your dream role.  

Become A … Communications Manager

8. Blog: Become a… Communications Manager

Being a Patrol Leader helped Tim Norbun develop the communication skills he uses to lead multiple teams.

9. Blog: Become a… Video game producer

Scouting gave Assistant Explorer Leader Matthew Lightfoot the confidence to speak to journalists when launching his latest game.

Become A … Professional Artist

10. Blog: Become a… professional artist

Inspired by his passion for Scouting, navigation and art, Gareth J Wood spends his days drawing intricate maps.

Find out more about how your Scouting experience will help you get ahead by downloading the Scouting and Employability pack.  

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