5-minute fillers | 5 October

5Min Fillers 510

Got new young people in your section? Learn all the new names with this fast-paced five-minute game.

How to play:

You'll need a small ball or beanbag to play this game. Get everyone into a circle, and pass the ball clockwise around the circle. When you get the ball, say your name. Try going the whole way around the circle a couple of times - as fast as possible, in slow motion, whispering the names or shouting them.

The next part of the game involves saying someone else's name. Pick someone opposite you in the circle, make eye-contact with them and throw them the ball whilst saying their name. When you have thrown the ball, fold your arms so you don't recieve the ball twice. It is important to remember who you threw to. The person who caught the ball now says the same of someone else, while throwing it across the circle. Everyone in the circle should catch and throw the ball once, so that it makes its way around the whole section and back to the person who first threw it.

Challenge your section to repeat the same pattern, remembering who they recieved the ball from and who they threw to. Speed it up, and try not to drop the ball or forget anyone's name for a whole round.

Make it harder:

Introduce a second or even a third ball. Send them around in the same pattern, one after another. Everyone will need to be alert and watching the person who throws to them, to make sure they don't miss a catch.

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