5-minute Promise Party filler | 26 October

5Min Filler Promise Party

Here's a great idea for a five-minute activity to kick off your Cubs100 Promise Party.

For this activity, you'll need a length of sturdy rope for each young person - ideally, around one metre long.

Instruct the Cubs to stand in a circle, and give each young person a piece of rope. Instruct them to tie their rope together with their neighbours', using reef knots. They should help each other if some Cubs aren't sure how to tie the knot correctly. Once everyone has tied their ropes together, they will form one large ring.

The Cubs should put the rope down on the floor, forming a circle which represents their friendship. They should all step inside it, and pick up their piece of rope, holding it around their backs. Slowly, they should lean back into the rope, and let it support them. A leader should explain to them that they are all part of a circle of friendship, held together by a reef knot, which is the symbol of helping others.

You can then decide if you would like the Cubs to say their Promise together, or just to use this activity to show the Cubs that they are bound by friendship and Scouting values.

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