5-minute fillers | 2 November

5-minute Fillers 2 Nov

Get your Scouts on their feet and teach them about recycling using this quick thinking game. 

You will need three containers: one for garden waste, one for food waste and one for non-compostable items.  Label each container clearly.

Make three sets of cards in different shapes, for example; one set can be square, round or rectangle.

On each set of cards, stick pictures of objects that could be disposed of in the three containers. If you can’t find pictures, you can write the names of the objects onto the cards instead.  

Split the Group into three teams and give them each a set of cards.

Ask each team to form a queue. Hand the first person in each team a card, they now have to decide which container the card should go into. On their way back to the queue, they collect another card and hand it to the next person in the team. They then repeat the exercise. Continue this until everyone has had the opportunity to ‘throw something away’.  

When all of the cards have been place into a container, check how many are in the correct container. The team with the most correct cards wins.

To add variation to this game, you can amend the structure by labelling the containers differently like animal classifications or food groups.     

If your Group enjoyed playing this game why not have a go at trying this hilarious 5-minute filler?       

To find out more about how you can recycle in your community visit recyclenow.  



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