5-minute fillers | 12 October

Cubs 5Min

Try this fun team game when you've got a spare five-minutes: it'll get everyone fully re-energised.


How to play 'Human Basketball':

You will need two buckets, two chairs, two beanbags or balls, and a hoop or similar to play this game. Get the young people into two equal teams at one end of your meeting place. Select two people to be the basketball nets and send them down to the other end of the room. They each need a bucket. Instruct them to get themselves a chair and place them facing their team, but far enough apart that their arms do not touch when outstretched. They must stand on their chairs (making sure they are stable) and hold out their bucket.

Set up the rest of the space by placing two beanbags or balls inside a hoop, and leaving this in the centre of the room. Place a marker on the floor about a metre away from the human basketball nets, and one in front of the teams as a start line. Get the teams lined up behind a start line and then give them their instructions. When you give the signal, the first person on each team should run to the hoop, pick up one of the beanbags or balls, and then run to their human basketball net. Standing behind the marker, they must throw their beanbag or ball and try to get it in the bucket. The human nets may help by moving their bucket.

Keep score of how many points each team gets, and ask each player to put their beanbag or ball back in the hoop in the centre for the next person. Each pair should be told when to start by a leader, rather than being tagged by the previous person coming back, to ensure the beanbags or balls are all back in place.


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