3 simple but superb halloween costume ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner and you still don't have a costume? Worry not. With just some basic materials and a few minutes of your time, you can make yourself a wicked costume for the spooky night!  

One day

So you've got a whole day to creepify yourself and you want to look devilishly good?
First check out this blog that tells you how to make some impressive impressive horns with basic materials you'll already have at home.
Then follow one of these great YouTube tutorials for Maleficent makeup or devil makeup if you'd prefer a classic Lucifer look.


One hour

If you're running out of time and need some inspiration, don't go running to mummy: become one!

First, raid your cupboards for some bandages (you'll need quite a lot) or cut up an old white bed sheet.

Put on some old, light-coloured clothes, and use white facepaint on your face, neck and hands. Draw some dark circles around your eyes with makeup or facepaint for a truly undead look. Or, alternatively, you could leave the facepaint and make sure the bandages cover your face, leaving room for your eyes and mouth.

If you're using bandages, start wrapping them around your body from head to toe, including around your shoes and hair. Tie the ends in a knot to stop them unravelling. If you're using an old bed sheet, you could pin the strips onto your clothes or try tying them up. You might find it easier to attach the strips around your head if you're wearing a hat.

Use some brown makeup or a teabag to discolour your bandages or sheet for an aged effect, and if you've got any plastic spiders lying around, tack them onto your costume.




One minute

So you've left it totally last minute and are in desparate need of a costume? Fear not! Follow these simple steps for a boo-tiful costume:

Put an old white sheet over your head.

Draw three little dots where you want holes for your eyes and mouth.

Take the sheet off and cut holes where the dots are.

Put the sheet back over your head and perfect your Caspar impression!

Have another minute to add to the drama? Rip the bottom of the sheet where your legs will be and pop some black eyeshadow or facepaint around your eyes and mouth before putting the sheet on.

Simple, but effective. Can we get an 'ooooooooh'?

Ghost Costume


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