Promise posters


Download our new Promise posters to display in your meeting place.

Making your Promise and becoming invested in Scouting – whether as a young person or as an adult – is an important occasion. It’s a tradition that stretches right back to the inception of Scouting in 1907. The words aren’t to be said lightly: they reflect the core values of the whole Scouting Movement.

Scouting has moved forwards in many ways since the days of Baden-Powell and Scouting For Boys, and to reflect this, over the past 50 years we have created various wordings of the Promise to better represent the growing diversity of our Membership. The multiple Promise options enable all Members to use words which best reflect their personal faith or beliefs, and so becomes more personally meaningful to them.

For example, the various faith Promises reflect the fact that we have Members of a range of faiths, and no faith at all. There are Muslim, Hindu and Humanist versions of the Promise, to name just a few. Leaders and young people can choose which Promise they would like to use when they are invested.

The Promise can also be made using Makaton, a communication system which helps people with different abilities to express themselves using signs and symbols. If you have a young person with additional needs in your Scout Group, using Makaton may help them to understand the commitment they are making when they join the Movement. You can download a PDF of a version of the Promise in Makaton for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

You can download posters, showing all the alternative iterations of the Promise for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and Explorers. Display these in your meeting place to demonstrate to the young people that they have options when making their Promise, and to allow them to choose the most suitable Promise, when the time comes for them to be invested. 

You can download the PDFs for free or order copies of the alternative Promise posters for each section from the Print Centre.

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