Help Beavers earn their My Adventure Challenge Award with BEAR Nibbles

My Adventure Challenge Award Badge

The My Adventure Challenge Award encourages Beaver Scouts to gain practical, character-building skills, including teamwork, problem-solving, initiative, leadership, independence, resilience, communication and responsibility.

If you’re keen for your Beavers to get started on their My Adventure Challenge Award right now, how about asking them to make a den outdoors? Building a den is fun, hands-on work, as the Beavers will need to search their local area for sticks to make their temporary shelter.

There are different ways of building a den, including an A-frame shape, a teepee or a dome. To give you some ideas for building the ultimate forest den, take a look at this guide.

When building a den, it’s important to be wary of any hazards that could potentially cause harm to young people and adults. Take a look at this safety guide to learn about how to keep safe in the woods.

BEAR Fun 3

To help Beavers earn their My Adventure Challenge Award, BEAR Nibbles will be producing some great resources for us. There’ll be helpful tips for leaders, fun activity sheets for Beavers, as well as new and inspiring activities that meet the badge requirements. Look out for all of the resources which will be available to download here over the coming months, including a cardboard obstacle course and a marshmallow-toasting activity!


BEAR Nibbles, a company that produces healthy fruit snacks. believes in getting young people back in touch with nature, both in what they eat and what they do. That’s why they’re partnering with the Beaver My Adventure Challenge Award, to encourage young people to spend more time in the great outdoors and earn their Beavers My Adventure Challenge Award in the process.

Other activities your Beavers can enjoy while completing their badge include swimming, archery and bouldering. Take a look at the Beavers My Adventure Challenge Award for more information.


For more information on our new partnership with BEAR Nibblestake a look at our partnership page here. BEAR Nibbles will be adding lots more ideas and activity sheets over the next few months to help your Beavers earn their Award so make sure you keep popping back to their page.

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