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Last weekend, over 2000 members of Scouting descended upon Gilwell Park for Reunion 2016. There was music, sunshine, and a guy dressed in a massive Shrek costume. Missed it? Here’s a round-up of the weekend’s best bits. 

1. Christmas in September

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There may have been sunshine and sandals, but that didn’t stop Reunion attendees from calling first dibs on this year’s Christmas badges.

Reunion saw the official launch of the 2016 Christmas Appeal! Scouting members stocked up on this year’s new array of badges and Christmas cards, featuring Ralph the reindeer. Take a look at the full range on offer here. Donations will help countless Scouts across the UK to reach their full potential, develops skills for life, and ensure that those on waiting lists have the opportunity to join the adventure. 

2. Activities for the grown ups

We’re often so dedicated to ensuring our young people have fun that the adults miss out on some of Scouting’s most fun activities. Reunion gave us all the chance to zip around on a Segway, scale a climbing wall and squeeze through a pothole.

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3. Making furry friends

It wasn’t just other members of Scouting we made friends with at Reunion: we also had the chance to snuggle up to Guinea pigs and mice! Our corporate partners, Pets at Home, brought in some particularly cute animals for everyone to meet.

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4. Tim Kidd

We got a new UK Chief Commissioner! Tim Kidd, who for many years has been Assistant Commissioner at The Scout Association, picked up the mantle of Wayne Bulpitt to become our new UK Chief Commissioner. Here’s an extract from his wonderful speech:

‘Today marks the start of an exciting new challenge for me as your new UK Chief Commissioner. It’s one I’m looking forward to immensely. 

I am so proud to be part of UK Scouting where we genuinely change lives for the better. Scouting has certainly changed mine. Scouting gave me invaluable skills and confidence. We provide young people with the chance to grow in their understanding of themselves and the world around them, and to use that understanding to help make the world a better place.’

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5. D.I.S.C.O

When the sun set on Gilwell Park, Reunion attendees swapped their walking boots for dancing shoes (well, metaphorically at least), and hit the dance floor. And may we say, you all looked fabulous!

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Read more about Tim Kidd and his new role as UK Chief Commissioner here.


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