#BoredomBusters | 29 September

Boredom Busters 29 September

Here are four more activity ideas to keep your young people busy

Craft: Make bugs out of felt

Recreate your favourite creepy crawlies using homemade felt balls. This activity will take a couple of days to do so boredom is guaranteed to be kept at bay for a good chunk of time.    Felted Bugs 

Outdoor: Autumn Foraging

From fungi to berries, wild foods can be found throughout forests and woodlands. Try your hand at gathering nature’s produce using this guide.

Autumn Foraging

Food: Tomato chutney

Use this season’s harvested fruits and vegetables to create your own fruity tomato chutney. Spread your delicious relish over crackers and pizza bases, and use as a dip for campfire snacks.

Autumn Tomato Chutney 

Indoor:  Leaf chromatography

Discover why leaves change colour in the autumn with this simple experiment. This activity requires equipment but don’t worry, it can all easily be found at home.

 Leaf Chromatography

Do you need more boredom busting ideas? Take a look at these four activities

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