#BoredomBusters | 23 September

Boredom Busters Air Activities

Here are four hands-on activities you can do with your section to help time fly by

Craft: Make a 3D hot air balloon

You won’t be able to fly in these miniature balloons, but they will look impressive hanging from the ceiling. To add even more brilliance to them, use patterned paper or adhesive fabric.

Hot Air Balloon

Outdoor: Host a paper aeroplane competition

Put your section’s aerodynamic skills to the test and arrange a flying competition. Use a score sheet to rate their paper aeroplanes on their name, style and flight. Here are 10 more games you can include in the competition.

Aeroplane Competition

Food: Marshmallow clouds

Jazz up your hot chocolate drinks with your own special batch of marshmallow clouds. For a dreamy concoction, follow this recipe and get a hold of cloud-shaped cutters.  

Marshmallow Clouds

Indoor: Create a hovercraft

This simple way of making a hovercraft only uses four easily accessible materials. Including a balloon and an old CD (they still exist). To make a motor driven hovercraft, take a look at this video.   


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