#BoredomBusters | 8 September

#Boredom Busters  8 September

Explore the autumn season by getting stuck into these four fun activities.

Outdoor - Go wildlife tracking

Take your section for a nature walk, and encourage your young people to try their best to identify the animal prints they find.

Animal Tracking

Indoor - Make rainbow binoculars

Create a special pair of binoculars that will help your section to see rainbows whatever the weather. 


Food – Bake apple crisps

Apple crisps are a tasty snack to eat while hiking. If you’re short of time, cook them quickly in a microwave. Make sure you supervise young people when they’re using sharp knives.

Apple Crisps 

Craft – Create bunting out of maps

Got an old map that has seen better days? Recycle it and inspire your inner adventurer by decorating the Scout hut with hand-made bunting.

Map Bunting

Are you looking for more activities to pass the time with? Take a look at what you can do outdoors here.

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