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Communications Manager Tim Norbun first started his career as a climbing instructor and now uses the skills he learned as a Scout to lead multiple communications teams. 

I grew up living in a village just outside Hertfordshire and was surrounded by young people involved in Scouting, including my older brother. You could say I sort of followed in his footsteps.

I was very active as a Scout and worked my through the different sections. The adventurous activities we took part in were a lot of fun, and Scouting provided me with a way of making my own friends, which was great.  

During my time in Scouting I was very fortunate to have confident and adventurous leaders. They were ambitious with their plans for camps and activities. This sense of adventure rubbed off on me, and has shaped my life - influencing my big move to live and work in Vienna, Austria.

Looking back, one of my favourite and most vivid memories was being on my first camp as a Scout. I was 14 years old and in a Patrol of four. The Patrol Leader tasked me with collecting and sorting the wood. Although this sounds trivial, it was the first time I felt like a valued member of the team and was praised for my contribution. In that circumstance I experienced great leadership from a peer rather than an adult. The responsibility we were given helped to grow and develop my communication and leadership skills. Both skills play an important role in the work I do today.    

My career journey has been an interesting and diverse one. While I studied for my Sports Technology degree at Loughborough University, I worked as a freelance wedding photographer with my friend Reece. I was also part of a film production crew called Rapture.

Since moving to Vienna two years ago, I have found myself doing more creative work. This continued when I started working at Impact Hub Vienna, and when I joined the founding team at better, a creative solutions agency.

My job

My job as a communications project manager is varied. I work in two different locations, managing a team of six and a team of 10. My role is to ensure we deliver creative content for the deadline we have agreed with our clients. I manage schedules and the capacity of the creative team. My job is not just managerial: I also get to create content too, from building websites to shooting  short advertisements and taking photos.

Typical day

I feel very blessed that I don't really have a typical day. Each day varies and presents unique challenges involving me working with different people.

I wake up between 6am and 7am to go to the gym. After the gym I have breakfast and then head to work.

I choose to spend the start of the day getting stuck into my first project at around 9am. At 11am I check my emails, which I will do again in the evening if needed.

Lunchtime consists of good coffee (we brew our own) and insightful conversations with my colleagues and the people who pass through our office.

From 1pm I will update websites, catch up with clients and track our projects. I normally leave the office between 5pm and 6pm.

Scouting Skills

Scouting equipped me with plenty of valuable hard and soft skills. By being a Patrol Leader I learned how to manage a team. I learned how to recognise and mitigate risk by becoming a climbing instructor at a Scout camp.

Scouting has affected my work in more ways than one, and I am sure it is the reason I am now managing two teams. It taught me how to communicate with a variety of people in diverse ways, and to encourage the best out of them. Additionally, it taught me the value of taking responsibility for my tasks.

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Want to follow in Tim’s footsteps and become a communications manager? Try focusing on some of these Scout and Explorer badges, which could help you develop skills like leadership, communication and team work.

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