5-minute fillers | 7 September

Five Minute Filler 7 September

This game is a great way to get your Scouts to loosen up and feel more comfortable around each other after the summer break. It’s ideal if you have some new starters!


How To Play:

Ask your young people to stand in a circle.

Tell them that on the count of three they all need to choose whether they are a crocodile, chicken or cow.

If they are a crocodile they should use their arms to make a snout and shout ‘snap snap’.

If they are a chicken they should use their hand to make a fan on the top of their head and shout ‘buck buck buck’.

If they are a cow they should use their hands to make udders on their tummies and give their best ‘moooo’.

Count to three and then count your animals.

Whichever animal is the least popular loses, and the young people impersonating that animal must leave the circle.

Continue until you have a winner.


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