5-minute fillers | 22 September

Five Minute Filler 22Sept

This game is great to get your Scouts working together and focused for the meeting ahead. All you need are some pens and paper and you’re good to go!


How To Play:

Divide your young people into teams.

Give each team a sheet of paper with ‘CAMP’ written on it.

Tell the your young people that C is for camping and they have one minute to write down as many words as they can that begin with the letter C. These words must relate to camping and the young people must be able to see the things they are writing down. These could be words such as ‘camera’ ‘compass’ ‘climb’ ‘campfire’ or ‘condensation’.

Now repeat the last part, explaining that A is for ‘animal’, M is for ‘music’ and P is for ‘plants’.

The team with the most words is the winner. 


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