Take part in a Farm to Fork Trail this autumn

Take Part In Tesco Farm To Fork

Beavers get a behind-the-scenes trip to a Tesco store to discover where their food comes from.

Creating a tasty snack with your section is great fun whether it’s making a healthy fruit salad in a meeting or preparing delicious camp dinners. Cooking is an activity that brings the Group together and an essential skill every young person is encouraged to learn.

To educate Beavers and Cub Scouts on food production we’ve partnered with The Tesco Eat Happy Project, which offers Farm To Fork Trails. These trails take Beavers and Cubs behind-the-scenes in local Tesco stores to learn about healthy eating and where food comes from.

So far almost 40,000 Beavers and Cubs have taken part in a Farm to Fork Trail. Recently Beavers from 1st Llanedeyrn Group visited their local Tesco store and learned a great deal about healthy eating and sustainability. 

‘The Beavers really enjoyed their time on the trail,’ said Beaver Scout Leader Gareth. ‘We were welcomed by the friendly Trail guide who took us to our first stop on the trail - observing the loading bay. There the Beaver’s were shown how food is transported into the store. We were then led into the deep freezers to see how food is stored.’  

‘We survived the cold and followed the scent of the bakery to see the bakers at work. We didn’t go inside, but we did press our noses against the window and got to see all the different types of flours and yeasts the bakers use. It was fascinating.’

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‘We then headed over to the fishmongers. The Beavers were very enthusiastic and couldn’t stop asking questions about the array of fish laid out in front of them. They were right up close and personal with the fish and watched eagerly as the fishmongers showed us their sharp teeth.’

‘One Beaver shouted: "So are fish fingers made out of fish?" We all laughed, but it goes to show how important it is for young people to be educated about what goes into their food and how it’s prepared.’ 

If you’re thinking of planning cooking badges in your Programme next term, consider booking a trip to your local Tesco store one evening. It’s a fantastic way to engage new members. Alongside the trip, there are great activities and resources you can use in your Programme to educate your section on healthy eating and sustainability.

Beavers and Cubs can earn special Farm to Fork fun badges that can be sewn onto their blankets when they complete a trail.

From September to November, Tesco stores across the country will be running the new Autumn Harvest Trail, which helps children understand seasonality and celebrate the food we enjoy at this time of year. Download the trail overview to find out what to expect.

To learn more and to book your Beavers or Cubs on a trail, sign up here.

Have you completed a Tesco Farm to Fork Trail recently? Tell us what happened on your trip by sharing your story on Facebook and Twitter.

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