#BoredomBusters | 19 August

Milk Paper

Get scientific this week with these four boredom-busting activity ideas!


Outdoor – Make a splatter pattern with paint 

Make a mess in the name of science with these paint splatter water bombs.

Splatter Patterns 

Indoor – Grow crystals on a pipe cleaner 

Bonus points if you grow your very own Fleur-de-lis shaped crystals!

Pipe Cleaner Crystals


Food – Make edible amber fossils 

Science doesn’t have to stop in the kitchen! Put together these yummy edible amber fossils.


Craft – Make marbled milk paper 

This colourful paper is the perfect base for cards and wrapping paper.

Milk Paper


For even more great boredom busting activity ideas, take a look at last week's Olympics-themed blog.

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