#Boredom Busters | 1 September

Boredom Buster Wind Chime

Make the most of the last few days of summer and get outdoors with these four boredom-busting activity ideas!


Outdoor – Build a bivouac and sleep in it

Ditch the tent and opt for a homemade shelter!

Boredom Busters Bivoual 

Indoor – Make a wind chime

Make this sparkling chime to hang up next time you go on camp.

 Boredom Buster Wind Chime2

Food – Brew some acorn coffee

Brew this nutty acorn drink as a morning coffee alternative.

 Boredom Busters Acorn Coffee

Craft – Make your own compass

Discover how to magnetize a needle and make a temporary compass.

Boredom Buster Compass


For more great boredom-busting activity ideas, take a look at these scientific themed boredom busters!

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