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The Scout Association officially now has a new UK Chief Commissioner: Tim Kidd.

'Today marks the start of an exciting new challenge for me as your new UK Chief Commissioner. It’s one I’m looking forward to immensely. 

I am so proud to be part of UK Scouting where we genuinely change lives for the better. Scouting has certainly changed mine. Scouting gave me invaluable skills and confidence. We provide young people with the chance to grow in their understanding of themselves and the world around them, and to use that understanding to help make the world a better place.            

Delivering Skills for Life

We give them the opportunity to try new things, get the best start in life’s great adventure and develop the skills they need to succeed. But this can only happen when we have motivated adult volunteers. 

So now the biggest priority for me is to support you. We are all part of a team and I believe that listening to each other, and having fun while being supportive and flexible, is the best way forward. 

Living by our values

It’s no secret that I am a tremendous supporter of our values: care, integrity, cooperation, respect and belief. These are not things you can see or touch, but how we act and treat one another is testament to these values. Let’s make they shine through in everything we do and say as Scouts. 

A key focus of mine will be ensuring a high quality Programme for young people. When we get this right, we attract more young people and we grow as a Movement. 

I also want to make our volunteer management roles easier. Group Scout Leaders and Commissioners do an amazing job but I want to ensure they are not overwhelmed and enjoy their role as much as an anyone else in the Movement. I also want to ensure that every single volunteer in our Movement is properly recognised for their contribution. 

Bringing Scouting to all

We are on a journey to achieve our 2014 – 2018 strategy plan, Scouting for All; that means growing the Movement, making it more inclusive and youth shaped, and making a positive impact in our local communities. We can only do this together.     

I thank Wayne Bulpitt for his outstanding leadership. He has set us on a path to success. 

Scouting is more important today than it has ever been. It is a positive and powerful force for change. 

I look forward to working with you to bring the benefits of Scouting to all.' 

Find out more about Tim and his team here. 

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