5-minute fillers | 17 August

How To Play Dodgeball

Here is another fun and easy game to occupy your young people between activities!

Dodgeball is classic group game that requires minimal equipment and tons of energy! Make sure you have lots of space if you are planning to play dodgeball indoors. On a warm evening, why not play outside?

How to play:

First, clear the hall of all obstacles to prevent tripping and falling over. Now divide the hall into two halves. To make the halves more distinct you can lay masking tape down where the divide is. On the divide, place at least five soft foam medium sized balls.

Now split your young people into two teams and assign them one side of the hall. Ask them to get into their starting positions. They should be standing against the wall, ready to run when the game begins.

On your whistle, the players run to grab a ball. They should use it to throw at the opposing side. If the ball hits a player under the waist, they are eliminated and should sit out of the game. If a player catches the ball, an eliminated player from  their team can rejoin the game.

The winning team is the one that is able to eliminate all of the opposing players.

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