Six ways your A Million Hands project can enhance your CV

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Taking part in an A Million Hands (AMH) project will not only benefit your community but can boost your CV and help you demonstrate some of the key skills employers are looking for.

Here are a few of the valuable skills you could develop and how you could include them in your CV:


What you can do: Use your own passion and drive to kick-start an AMH project by signing your AMH team up here. Then once you and your group have chosen the issue you’d like to focus on, get in touch with a local charity representative for extra support.

Example line in your CV: Recognised a need to raise awareness of dementia in my local area and used my initiative to launch a community impact project. Approached the charity Alzheimer’s UK and established links with local charity representatives.

 AMH Investigating

Investigating and researching
What you can do: Research your chosen AMH topic online and by talking to your local charity representative. Build on your own knowledge and strengthen your connection with the issue.

Example line in your CV: Contacted local charity representatives from Mind to further my knowledge and understanding of mental health. Conducted online searches to research the topic of mental health and the stigmas surrounding it.


AMH Blog Teamwork

What you can do: Be a good team player. Whether you’re choosing your own teammates or have been teamed up by someone else, being supportive and working collaboratively is crucial to the smooth running of your project.

Example line in your CV: Worked collaboratively in a team of six to coordinate a successful community impact project. Listened to everyone’s opinions and contributed my own, problem solving ideas.


What you can do: Build on your communication skills by phoning charities and engaged members of your community, listening to your team and presenting your project to others (such to the local press).

Example line in your CV: Acted as a core member of the communications team and spokesperson for the project, which involved engaging and communicating with the local press.

 AMH Cv Blog

Leadership, delegation and project management
What you can do: Take the lead by putting yourself forward as project manager. Delegate tasks fairly throughout your group, recognising people’s strengths and weaknesses. Ensure you’re aware of how everyone’s progressing with the project and step in when your team needs help and support.

Example line in your CV: Took on the role of project manager. Delegated work, recognised when team members were struggling and supported them whilst providing continuous motivation.


Working to deadlines and prioritising
What you can do: Set yourself (and your team if you’re managing the project) deadlines or goals to work towards. Make sure you prioritise your workload by completing the most important or time-sensitive tasks first.

Example line in your CV: Effectively managed my time by prioritising the most important tasks such as preparing for our upcoming community impact event. Also created an online planner to coordinate team members, set deadlines and ensure they were achievable.


Here are a few more skills you could gain by taking part in an AMH project:

Problem solving


Organisation and planning


Action planning and decision making

Formal presentation skills

Motivating others

IT skills


Head over to the A Million Hands website for more information about the community impact project and how you can get involved.

Take a look at the Get Ahead guide to help Explorers and Network members express their Scouting experiences in a way employers will value and understand.

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