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Dear friends, 

By now many of you will have seen the news reports about the attack in Nice. It is another senseless, brutal assault on the lives and freedoms of ordinary people and we share the sense of shock felt by the people of Nice. However Scouting is a worldwide movement and it is right that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends and fellow Scouts in France. Our thoughts are with them. 

At times like these it can be challenging helping young people make sense of such mindless acts of terrorism, especially those so close to home and when children are among the victims. Many Scouts will have visited France and feel great solidarity with those affected by the tragedy, especially young people. 

It is at these moments that our values of cooperation, care and respect come to the fore; they are what sets us apart, helping young people understand that the path of tolerance and respect for difference is always the right one. 

Despite being challenging, it is often better to be positive and proactive in the face of such events, using them as a learning opportunity, rather than shy away from them. Scouts may wish to discuss the events at weekly meetings and you may decide to facilitate a discussion or incorporate activities into your programme that address the issues. To help, we have pulled together a number of resources. 

It is our belief that Scouting can create a better world. Difficult times like these will show young people why Scouting is necessary as a global force for good – promoting understanding, tolerance and peace. The resources are as follows: 

Programmes Online 

Search for 'Peace'. There are 15 activities.

In the Face of Terrorism

Rise to the Challenge

UNICEF - Thinking Rights

The Peace Pack

Scouting and Peace

Building Peace Together

Please look through these and consider how they might best be used to help Scouts understand the issues and Scouting’s role in creating a better world, promoting a message of peace and international friendship.

Thank you, 

Jack Maxton                Craig Turpie
International Commissioner UK Commissioner for Programme



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