How to make chocolate nests

How To Make Chocolate Nests

We asked two Section Leaders to swap positions for a meeting. Here is an activity taken from their Programme you can do too!

In the last issue of Scouting Magazine, Beaver Scout Leader Paula became the leader of Whitmore Scout Troop in Orsett, Thurrock of an evening.

1. Welcome

The night began with an energetic game of dodge ball, but before long the Scouts had rolled up their sleeves for the main activity- making chocolate nests! Take a look behind the scenes of the swap and learn how to make your own delicious chocolate treat. 

To make the nests you will need:

  • At least two packs of each type of chocolate (dark, milk and white)
  • A pack of balloons
  • A tub of butter
  • Maltesers or mini chocolate eggs
  • Piping bags
  • Paper plates

Step 1

3. Blow The Balloons Up

Step 24. Break The Chocolate Frame

Step 35. Pour The Chocolate Into A Piping Bag Frame

Step 4

7. Stick The Base Together

Step 5

6. Butter The Balloon

Step 6

8. Pipe The Chocolate Onto The Balloon

Step 7

Scouts Frame 09

Step 8Scouts Frame 06

Step 9

Scouts Frame 03 Copy

Scouts Frame 05

Step 10

9. Wait For Them To Set Frame

And there you have it...

Example 02

To find out how the Scout swap went, read the story in the summer edition of Scouting Magazine.

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