#BoredomBusters | 13 July

Boredom Busters Adventure

Here are four easy adventurous activities you can do with your section at your next meeting. 

Craft: Make ornaments out of sand

Capture the feeling of visiting the seaside by making your own sand dough. The sand dries overnight, so your sand sculptures and ornaments will keep their shape. 

Boredom Busters Adventure Indoor

Outdoor: Discover geocaching

Use a GPS-enabled device like a mobile phone to search for geocaches local to you. Geocaches are small containers of treasure- it's exciting not knowing what you will find. Get started by signing up.

Boredom Busters Adventure Outdoor

Indoor: Build a miniature raft

Prep yourself for your next rafting activity by building a miniature one out of twigs! Friendly competition is always great fun, so why not challenge a friend to race your finished rafts in small paddling pool.

Boredom Busters Adventure Craft

Food: Campfire skillet apples

Finish nights aways on a delicious high by making cinnamon flavoured apples. Experiencing the warmth of the campfire, singing funny songs and eating tasty snacks is a great way to wind down after an adventurous day.   

Boredom Busters Adventure Cooking

Take a look at this week's badge support blog to find more adventurous activity ideas to help your section earn their Adventure Challenge Awards



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