#BoredomBusters | 3 August

Boredom Busters 3 August

Celebrate summer with these four boredom busting activity ideas

Craft- Create a sand globe

The next time you take a trip to the seaside, don’t leave without collecting sand and seashells to create a sand globe. This twist on the famous snow globe doesn’t require water. If you want to use water in your creation, follow this tutorial and replace the blue glitter with yellow for a sandy effect.

Create A Sand Globe

Outdoor- Play noughts and crosses

If you find yourself with lots of time on your hands and nothing much to do, pass the time with a giant game of noughts and crosses. Make your very own set using stones found in your back garden. Decorate them with paint for a unique look. Why not make a set for your closest friends?

Play Noughts And Crosses

Indoor- Make a 3D beach canvas

Bring your favourite beach memories to life on canvas. Whenever you are facing a gloomy day, take a look at your masterpieces to remind yourself of sunnier days out.

Make A 3D Beach Canvas

Food – Prepare fruit salad ice-lollies

Thinking of hosting a barbeque this summer? Surprise your guests with these delightful fruity ice-lollies. Experience a tropical paradise with every bite.

Prepare Fruit Salad Ice -lollies

Take a look at our water inspired activities to keep you busy throughout the summer.  

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