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Cyclist Badge

Scouts from all sections will enjoy gaining confidence on their bike and achieving their cycling badge.  

The Cyclist Activity Badges for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and the Mountain Biking Activity Badge for Explorers are designed to promote healthy living and to teach young people bicycle maintenance. There are several types of cycling that Scouts can get involved in depending on their section. The most popular options are road cycling and mountain biking. Cycling in Terrain Zero is pretty easy to arrange and doesn’t require a permit, but for a more adventurous activity, you will need to have a permit. Information on our terrains and how to run the activity in each environment can be found on our A-Z of activities.

Getting hold of suitable bikes can be a challenge for some Groups, but planning ahead and asking family and friends if you can borrow bikes, can help to minimise this. When planning cycling activities, if there are not enough bikes to go around why not consider sharing the bikes within Lodges, Packs and Troops? Some campsites and activity centres such as Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre and Scouts Scotland National Activity Centres offer cycling activities with bikes you can borrow.

To help your Scouts achieve their cyclist and mountain bike badges, here are a few activity ideas to get them started. For Cubs, Scouts and Explorers this mountain bike time trial activity will help them understand how different terrains affect their cycling speed.

Beavers - Cyclist Activity Badge

Help your Beavers understand the importance of wearing safety equipment when cycling by designing their own helmet. Download and print this helmet template for them to use. While they are designing their helmet, ask them why they think it’s important to wear safety equipment.

For a fun cycling game, set out a course (using cones) either in a straight line or in different shapes. Ask your Beavers to cycle around the cones; this will challenge their balance and co-ordination.

Cubs - Cyclist Activity Badge

Badge partnerships help us to produce expert resources for leaders to deliver their Programme. Halfords, one of the biggest bike retailers in Britain has partnered with us to develop excellent cycling resources for Cubs.

The Cub Cyclist ‘How To’ Activity Pack helps Cubs understand the ins and outs of maintaining a bicycle and safety equipment. There are lots of activities to enjoy illustrated inside the Cub Cyclist Group activities pack, including learning how to mount and dismount a bike properly.

Cyclist Activity Badge Insert

Scouts - Cyclist Activity Badge

To prep themselves for the road, Scouts can make their own reflective ribbon to decorate their hi-vis jackets or other clothing. This tutorial shows them how to do it using reflective tape. Inspired by this mini paper craft, they can build their own giant bike as an indoor activity. This activity will help them get to grips with the different parts of a bicycle.

A bike ride challenge is an excellent activity to get Scouts exploring different terrains on their bikes. Why not ask your Scouts to set the route and challenge themselves? They could also choose to cycle as part of the Hikes Away Staged Activity Badge. Check out our badge support blog for more information. You might want to suggest to your Scouts that they can use the Scouts Pocket Book to learn how to do a jump, a skill that’s sure to impress their friends.

Explorers - Mountain Biking Activity Badge  

Explorers are expected to spend between six and 12 months working towards their Mountain Biking Activity Badge. If your Unit is working towards their Top Awards or DofE, they could take up mounting biking as their physical challenge.

Explorers are require to demonstrate their understanding of the safety rules of mountain biking and the Mountain Bike Code of Conduct. To do this, they can prepare a presentation explaining the rules for younger Scouts in their District. Doing this will also help them earn their Leadership Activity Badge and develop presentation skills.

If your Explorers decide to take on an expedition, here is a great summer cycling checklist to help them organise their journey ahead. Some of your Explorers might want to compete in cycling competitions, they can visit the British Cycling website to find out about upcoming races.

Taking the time out to practice is essential for Explorers to develop their skills further. Here, they can find mountain bike parks in the UK to practice cycling on different types of trails.

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