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Here are some excellent activity ideas to help your Cubs and Scouts achieve their Adventure Challenge Awards!

The Cub and Scout Adventure Challenge Awards, partnered by Kingswood, encourage Scouts to gain practical, character-building skills including teamwork, problem-solving, initiative, leadership, independence, resilience, communication and responsibility.

A core part of Scouting is making sure young people enjoy life-changing adventures outdoors, like the ones included in this award. 

The majority of adventurous activities that take place within Scouting are accessible to young people in all sections. In some cases, leaders may need an activity permit to run an activity, but support is available from permit holders and activity leaders in your local area. There may also be a Scout Active Support Unit who can provide targeted support. More information can be found on our permit scheme webpage. 

Cubs - Our Adventure Challenge Award

Kite flying is a wonderful reason to get outside on a windy day and it's a fun group activity!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on materials to make a kite. Learn how to make a simple, cost-effective one using this tutorial. To challenge your Cubs even further, ask them to make this Tetrahedral kite.

Scouts - Adventure Challenge Award

To achieve this award, Scouts are required to learn about environmental issues caused by adventurous activities. One of the ways they can do this is by designing a sustainable boat. This activity forces them to think about what sustainability is, and the features a boat will need to have in order to be environmentally friendly. 

Remember, you can find more activity ideas and guidance in our A-Z of activities.

Keep the award requirements at hand by using the Cubs and Scouts Badge and Award books. 

As a partner, Kingswood aim to provide tailored packages at competitive rates for Cubs and Scouts to complete their Adventure Challenge Awards. Take a look at what's on offer today.

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