5-minute fillers- 1 August


Keep your young people entertained with this simple game which will get everyone moving. 


How to play

You'll need some balloons, and lengths of string (between 6 inches and a foot long). Get each young person to blow up two balloons each, and then, working in pairs, get them to help each other to tie them around their ankles with the string. Make sure everyone is wearing shoes if you're playing inside, and that the strings are tight enough to keep the balloons in place, but not so tight that they are cutting into anyone's ankles.

Ask everyone to stand in a space, and then blow a whistle or make another signal to allow the game to begin. Depending on the number of players, you could split the young people into teams with different coloured balloons. On the signal, the players must try to pop each others' balloons while protecting their own. The victor is the last person (or team) to keep their balloon(s) intact after everyone else's have popped.

Take it outside

Make this into your kids' favourite summer game by using water balloons instead. Make sure everyone has bare feet, and be aware that wet string can make knots more difficult to get undone. Keep a supply of water balloons on hand for emergency reinforcements, and some oLd towels handy for when the game is over.

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